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In this section you will find frequently asked questions.
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Frequently asked Questions:
To get the game currency, contact operator at contacts listed below either in the header of the site or in contacts section:

Contact us WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype or Online chat
WhatsApp: +79275608835
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikolay.demiurg
Skype: live:36670fee4a49a638

When contacting please specify the Game, Server, Currency amount, character for delivery, date of payment and electronic payment system with the help of which you want to make a payment.

Remember that all services for the purchase of game currency are provided at your own risk. The purchase of game currency is prohibited by the rules of the games and the administration of the games has the right to take the game currency purchased from you or even block your account. By purchasing this product, you agree to these rules and must be aware of it.

Delivery is carried out within 10 minutes. - 12h. Delivery times can be further discussed with the operator. At any time after the expiry of the delivery time, if the goods are not received, payment can be returned.