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Aion RU

In this section, you will find information about buying Aion RU currency.
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Kinah sale - game currency store

You are in section of sale of game currency - Kinakh for Russian - Aion (RUOFF).

You can buy kinahs from us at fairly liberal and flexible prices.

In any online game, the success of the player and his hero must be expressed ... amount of currency! In aion online, these are units of experience, or kinahs. In the gaming world, aion kinaras play the role of the real currency itself. It is no secret that kinar can not only earn, win or deserve, but also buy. The first three ways of receiving kinars are difficult, but bringing money and honor, and also honor and glory. However, it is not shameful to buy Kinahs for money! What gives in the game aion kinah? One kinah - nothing, but a plump wallet, full of kinars to the limit, gives a lot! For Kinah, according to the laws of the genre, you can add the necessary skills to the hero, teach him witchcraft. In addition, the kinah allows you to solve problems with the equipment of the character. To buy a good sword and armor, you need more than one sonorous kinah ... What if there are just a few coins to buy the cherished armor?
Need to buy Kinah!
In the world, aion kinah can be bought for real money.


1-500mil price
in rub per 1mil
500-1000mil price
in rub per 1mil
1000-%mil price
in rub per 1mil
Asgard Asmo 9 8 7
Asgard Elios 9 8 7
Eteria Asmo 9 8 7
Etheria Elios 9 8 7


The prices of game currencies may change from time to time. Specify the price with our operator. The site price may not be actual. Only paid orders will be fixed in the price in case of price changes..
Buying of game values may entail sanctions from the administration of the game..

The client MUST NOT send back the received gold, which we sold to him by mail..

We never ask you to return what you purchased from us and sent after payment to you!

The game currency of the world Lineage is adena. Here you can buy adena Lineage2 on any of the official servers of Naia, Chronos, Talking island, Giran, Aden, Gludio, Core, Skeleth. 

Attention: availability of the amounts marked in red, check with our operators.