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Tranquility ISK

In this section you will find information about buying Tranquility ISK.
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Purchase of ISK and PLEX for EVE Online
Pilot’s License Extensions (abbreviated as PLEX) is the possibility of extending your playing time for 30 days. You can buy Plex from us, with which you can extend any account (including Trial) in EVE Online. Activate acquired plex need right out of the game. Buying plex is considered the cheapest and fastest way to extend the playing time. To buy Plex, click on the “buy” button, located opposite the position 30 DAY PILOT`S LICENSE (PLEX) EVE-ONLINE and follow the further instructions. Plex delivery takes place instantly upon payment confirmation.

If you'll have a game currency, all barriers and restrictions will fall in front of you. You do not need to earn a lot for the most necessary and desired things in the game, namely, a spacecraft, a space station, the necessary weapons, clones and everything else that you only dreamed of. To fulfill this game dream, we offer to buy ISK, which are available in sufficient quantities. This way of achieving the goal used by many players.

Price for 1 billion EVE ISK Server Tranquility

Price from 1000 mln. from 5000 mln. from 10000 mln.
for 1 mil $14 $13.5 $13


Цены игровых валют время от времени могут меняться. Цену уточняйте у оператора. На сайте цену могут не успеть поменять. Только оплаченные заказы будут зафиксированы в цене, в случае изменения цен.
Покупка игровых ценностей может повлечь за собой санкции со стороны администрации игры.

Клиент НЕ ДОЛЖЕН отправлять обратно полученное золото, которое мы продали ему отправив по почте.

Мы никогда не просим вернуть то, что вами было приобретено у нас и отправлено после оплаты вам!