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For suppliers

In this section you will find information on for suppliers of currencies.
You are in the game currencies store - Citygamers.ru, we are glad to see you!
The purchase price for products may differ from those specified here.
Depending on the market situation, check the current price with the operator.
Thank you for understanding!
Dear Adena suppliers!
We are glad to inform you that we are ready to consider any of your suggestions.
Contact us at the specified contacts and discuss options for the transaction.
The approximate prices for buying now:
wtb in $ 
4.5 per 1b
4.5 per 1b
2 per 1b
Talking island
0.18 per 1m
0.25 per 1m
0.25 per 1m
Gludio 0.25 per 1m
Skelth 0.15 per 1m

We are buying adena on servers L2 Essence Innova 
RED по   0,2 $ 1m
BLUE по 0,3  $ 1m
We are buying adena on servers L2 classic Skelth Innova at 0.15 $ 1m
We are buying adena on servers Core+Tiat Innova at 2 $ 1b

We are buying adena on servers of Ruoff at 0.25 WMR for 1кк

We are buying adena on servers Ruoff Classic по 20 вмр за 1кк
We are buying kinakhs on servers Ruoff for 1 WMR for 1kk