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User Agreement


 Basic concepts used in this User Agreement "User" means any natural person and/or legal entity, including a Site visitor who accepts the terms of this Agreement.

"Administrator" or "Site Owner" is an Individual entrepreneur: Mesropov Yuri Andreevich ,OGRNIP 315774600180478 , TIN 300102143398 Legal address : Russia, Moscow, 121351 Molodogvardeyskaya d. 55 sq. 1

"Website" is a set of software and hardware for computers, an automated information system available on the Internet at a network address /. The Website belongs to the Website Owner.

"Content" means all objects placed on the Site, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, videos, scripts, programs, music, sounds and other objects, and their collections. The Site Owner is the owner of the exclusive rights to use the Site, except for the Content of the Site, which may belong to both the Site Owner and third parties.

"Service" is software available on the Website that allows the User to use all the functionality provided for him. The Service includes the interface, software and other elements (tools, algorithms, methods) necessary for the proper functioning of the Site and allowing the User to search and view information.

1. General provisions

1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") defines the conditions for access and use of the Site, mobile versions of the Site, mobile applications and other Internet portals owned by the Administrator, managed by the Administrator, access to which is provided by the Administrator.

1.2. This document is a legally binding agreement between you as a User (Users) The Site and the Owner of the Site concluding the Agreement.

1.3. The Agreement is a public offer in accordance with Article 435 and paragraph 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

1.4. By starting to use the Site and /or its individual functions, Products of the Site Owner, or by going through the User registration procedure on the Site, the User is considered to have accepted the terms of the Agreement in full, without any reservations and exceptions.

1.5. The agreement concluded by accepting this offer does not require a bilateral signature and is valid in electronic form

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The subject of this Agreement is to enable the User to use the Site and the Products of the Site Owner, which are implemented on the Site. The Agreement defines the terms and procedure for using the Site and the Products of the Site Owner. The Agreement defines the terms and procedure for the provision of services through the Site and/or Products of the Site Owner.

2.2. This Agreement applies to all types of Products of the Site Owner presented on the Site, as long as such offers, Products of the Site Owner with a description are present on the Site.

3. Terms of service

3.1. The Service Agreement is considered to be concluded between the Site Owner and the User from the moment of the beginning of the use of the Site or individual Products of the Site Owner.

3.2. The Products of the Website Owner may include paid and free services that the User can use. The Services may be provided by the Site Owner and/or third parties with whom the Site Owner has a contractual relationship. The conditions for obtaining certain services are placed in special sections of the Website interface. Before using the relevant Product of the Site Owner, the User undertakes to carefully familiarize himself with the terms and conditions of obtaining the relevant service. In case of disagreement with the terms of obtaining the relevant service and /or Agreement, the User must refrain from using the corresponding Product of the Site Owner and / or Service.

3.3. The User agrees that the Site Owner has the right at any time to expand, restrict

4. Registration on the Site

4.1. In order to use the Site or some individual functions and/or Services of the Site, the User must complete the registration procedure, as a result of which a unique personal account will be created for the User.

4.2. Unless proven otherwise by the User, any actions performed using his login and password are considered committed by the corresponding User.

4.3. The name and/or the name of the User in the comments and reviews must comply with the requirements of sections 4 and 6 of this Agreement.

4.4. Hereby, the User is notified and agrees that in order to improve the quality of the Site's Services, persons engaged by the Site Owner to conduct a survey have the right to collect opinions and User feedback on various issues by sending an information message when the User visits the Site again or by contacting the contact details specified by the User in the Personal Account (by phone

4.5. By informing the Website Owner of his e-mail and/or phone number, the User consents to the use of these means of communication by the Website Owner, as well as by third parties involved by them for the purpose of fulfilling obligations to Users, in order to carry out promotional and informational mailings, through telephone calls, SMS messages or emails, containing information about discounts, upcoming and current promotions and other events of the Site Owner, as well as other information directly related to the fulfillment of obligations by the Site Owner under this Agreement.

5. Rights and obligations of the Site Owner

The Site Owner has the right to:

5.1 To set restrictions on the use of the Site for all Users, or for certain categories of Users (depending on the User's place of residence, language, etc.).

5.2. Without the consent of the User, assign or in any other way transfer their rights and obligations to fulfill the Agreement to third parties.

5.3 If the User has committed or was suspected by the Site Owner of committing illegal actions aimed at causing losses to the Site Owner and / or third parties (theft, robbery, robbery, fraud, intentional damage to property, etc.), the Site Owner has the right to refuse to provide services, register a personal account or other action on the Site.

5.4 By registering on the Site or using the corresponding Service on the Site, the User agrees that the Site Owner has the right to entrust the execution of the service agreement concluded between the Site Owner and the User to a third party, while remaining responsible for its execution.

Начало формы6. Rights and obligations of the User

6.1. The User undertakes to:

6.1.1. Fully familiarize himself with the terms of this Agreement and comply with all the terms of this Agreement.

6.1.2. When leaving feedback, the User undertakes to be guided by the requirements of this Agreement. 6.1.3. Do not upload, store, publish, distribute or provide access to or otherwise use viruses, Trojans and other malicious programs.

6.1.4. Before using the Site, familiarize yourself with the content and terms of this Agreement.

6.2. The User is prohibited from:

6.2.1. Violating the rights of third parties, including minors, and/or harming them in any form.

6.2.2. Unauthorized collection and storage of personal data of third parties. 6.2.3. To facilitate actions aimed at violating the restrictions and prohibitions imposed by the Agreement.

6.2.4. Write reviews that contain phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, links, icq numbers or other online paging systems, including the placement of this information on images.

6.3. The User has the right to:

6.3.1. Get access to the Site around the clock, except for the time of preventive maintenance.

6.3.2. In case of questions and claims on the part of the User, he has the right to contact the Site Owner by phone or in any other accessible way.

6.3.3. Independently change the password from the personal account without notifying the Owner of the Site.

 6.3.4. Use the Site 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week, except for periods of routine maintenance or technical failures.

7. Liability of the Parties

7.1. The User uses the Website at his own risk. The Site's services are provided "as is". The Site Owner does not assume any responsibility, including for the compliance of the Site with the User's goals.

7.2. The Site Owner does not guarantee that: The Site meets/will meet the User's requirements; The Site will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors; the results that can be obtained using the Site will be accurate and reliable and can be used for any purpose or in any capacity (for example, to establish and/or confirm any facts); the quality of any Goods, services, information, etc. obtained using the Site will meet the User's expectations.

7.3. The Site Owner is not responsible for any kind of losses that occurred as a result of the User's use of the Site Services.

8. Dispute resolution and Claims Settlement procedure

 In case of disputes between the User and the Site Owner on issues related to the execution of the Agreement, the Parties will take all measures to resolve them through negotiations among themselves. The claim procedure for dispute resolution is mandatory. Claims of Users on the services provided are accepted and considered by the Site Owner only in writing and in accordance with the procedure provided for by this Agreement and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.